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DinoMates Magic Towels

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These compact 100% cotton towels depicting six of our adorable and colorful DinoMate dinosaur characters make an irresistible pocket money purchase.

Incorporating kids names with the most well-known dinosaur breeds. However, “dinosaur” usually means BIG and these towels are no exception to the rule... Compressed to create the cutest of gifts, all you have to do is pop them into water and -- as if by magic -- they expand to just the perfect size for some washtime fun!

With a great choice of names -- including a number of generic titles to ensure no one is le ft out -- and o f course that all-important impulse-buy price point, these are sure to be a roaring success! Compressed towel expands from 2 inches to 10 inches



Reorder quantity on all items is in sets of 3.

This product is now discontinued and limited inventory is available for reorders.

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