History & Heraldry an impulsive buy that won’t give you buyer’s remorse.

History & Heraldry was founded in the United Kingdom in 1996. Since then it has expanded in over 60 countries. Our USA division has been in operation since 1999. All our products are designed in the United Kingdom and tested in Europe. After each launch data is collected and only the most successful products lines come to the United States.

Our headquarters is located in Florida and we ship out from our warehouse in Kansas. Our company has field representatives all over the United State that can assist with reordering process, floor display setup, and program ordering. If a field representative is not conveniently located near you we also have our own set of in-house representatives that would be able to help you with anything that you need.

Our product programs last anywhere between three to five years and have a 98% fulfillment rate. Our company understands the evolution of technology; therefore, we have transformed our website to assist our customer in increasing their revenue by 30% by allowing them the opportunity to place their own reorders without waiting on a representative.

Innovative Products

Our company produces high-quality, innovative products at impulse-buy and competitive prices. We have a wide variety of product lines that will appeal to any retail environment such as; visitor attractions, garden centers and gift independents.

World Wide Markets

Our products can be found in over 60 international markets and translated in over 30 different languages. The H&H trademark is seen international as products being high-quality, creative and cost effective.

Added Value

Our company is focused on developing floor displays that will maximize selling opportunities while using minimum floor space. These product optimizations are designed to add value to your business.

As the market leader in the impulse-buy gift market, with over 40 million products sold every year, it’s true to say that…

Every second of every day somewhere in the world an H&H product is sold…

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