Christmas Story books & Pencils

Featuring the main named character as the star who saves the day (or star of the story)

  • Fun and compelling stories featuring the child’s name on each page.
  • Studies have shown that personalised storybooks engage children 40% more than a non-personalised story and encourage reading development and accelerate language skills.
  • Storybooks do not compete with other Christmas concepts.
  • Gingerbread storybook in festive colourways, designed to complement the Santa’s List storybooks for a truly seasonal concept.
  • Generic 5 Colour Stackable Pencils available
  • 1 x Gingerbread Man Pencil and a brand new Santa Claus Pencil which complements the new Christmas Storybook.

Floor Spinner Contains:

Storybook & Stackable Pencils

  • 108 Storybooks in 2’s
  • 2 Pencil Designs in 20s


  • 60cm diameter, 2.1m tall inc. header approx.