Little Panda Storybooks

New Everyday Personalised Storybooks featuring a caring little Panda as the main character. A fun and engaging story with an environmental theme that appeals to both parents and children alike.

  • Storybooks feature personalisation on the book cover and each page within.
  • Personalised books are 40% more engaging than non-personalised.
  • Encourages reading and language development.
  • An eco-friendly storyline to encourage children to care for the environment.
  • Printed with vegetable inks.
  • Proven best-selling concept.

Four Sided Floor Spinner Contains:

100 pockets

  • 76 Storybooks in 2’s
  • 24 Storybooks in 4’s


  • 195cm (h) x 52cm (w) x 49cm (d) approx

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