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Metallics S/S F/Display Deal Set

Light a candle and let your personality shine through.
Our attractive metallic candle pots and fragranced candles make the ideal impulse-buy gift choice.
The metallic styling, both inside and out, makes for a truly eye-catching display but the detailing is really shown to full advantage when a candle is added and lit.

The candles feature popular fragrances that we all know and love, including Linen, Jasmine and Cherry which are supplied as single votive candles and a Vanilla fragrance presented in a lovely boxed set of four tealights. Available as a single or double sided display, your sales are sure to light up with this fantastic new personalized gift line.

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Reorders are not offered as open stock. Customer must have purchased a full display in order to place reorders. Reorder quantity on all items is in sets of 2.