Sentiment Gift Stand

Sentiment sells – and what could be better than a selection of sentiment-based, top quality product lines all on the same stand! Design-led, impulse purchase gifts to delight and inspire. Simply choose four options from a choice of six product lines and see your sales soar!
Products in this line:


6 Panels Options Available:

Sentiment Trinket Dishes

33 titles in 2's

Sentiment Succulents

33 titles in 2's

Shelf Sentiments

18 titles in 2's


Key Lights - 10 titles in 4's Wallets - 12 titles in 2's

New Reflective Words

18 Hanger styles in 2's 9 Hanger styles in 4's

Woodcuts Books & Coasters

Books - 24 titles, Coasters - 15 titles

Recommended Panels:

  • Side 1: Sentiment Trinket Dishes
  • Side 2: Sentiment Succulents
  • Side 3: Shelf Sentiments
  • Side 4: New Reflective Words

Stand dimensions:

  • 180cm (h) x 48cm (w) approx.