Light Up Gonks

Celebrate Christmas in traditional Nordic style with personalised festive light-up bearded gonks! A warm woolly hat embroidered with popular names adorns the head with a woolly string to hang them on the Christmas tree.

  • Personalised, with popular names and generic titles.
  • Blank titles are also included to write a name on.
  • Ultra-bright LED light which runs on replaceable batteries.
  • On-trend Nordic style Christmas tree decorations.



Spinner Display Contains:

  • 4 blank titles x 12 of each
  • 3 titles x 6 of each
  • 10 titles x 4 of each
  • 91 titles x 2 of each
Titles supplied: 4 Blanks - 16 Generics - 90 Names


  • 180cm (h) x 56cm (w)